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May your piano playing always be enjoyable.

Last week I attended the Piano Technicians Guild National Convention in Lancaster, PA. Here's some thoughts that I picked up that can help you, the piano owner:

1) Water and soap do a lot when it comes to cleaning your piano. DO NOT use products such as Pledge to clean since those products contain silicone and can damage the finish to your piano. Just a lightly wet rag will do the job on keytops, insides of pianos, and the outside of pianos. DO NOT move your piano outside and hose it down. Your piano will swell up and not working correctly anymore, and the technician you call to fix it will just shake his/her head and mumble lots of unrepeatable words. This has happened. Your piano does not need watering.

2) Some machines NOT to have on when your piano is being tuned...the vacuum cleaner ( a biggie), the radio or TV, or a ceiling fan. Also barking dogs and screaming children can be a challenge to tune around. And remember, the technician does not need to be entertained. You are free to do what you need to do (quietly) while the technician tunes.

3) There is an organization made up of piano technicians called the Piano Technicians Guild. Most people have not heard of this organization. PTG supports technicians by holding monthly meetings where technical are featured (local chapters. I belong to the Richmond, VA chapter). PTG also sponsors area workshops and national conventions. PTG offers a series of written, tuning, and technical, exams which members may take. Once passing these three exams the technician becomes a Registered Piano Technician (RPT). The tests are a challenge, so when a technician passes them, it means they know their stuff. PTG members are a wonderful support system for you and your piano. They care deeply that pianos sound and work the best that they can, and they care that you, the customer, is satisfied with their service.

I could go on, but I think I've given you food for thought.

May your piano playing always be enjoyable.

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